About Us

It is not surprising that Randy Stroup named his trucking company First Class Services. “The caliber of service we provide our customers absolutely separates us from our competition,” Stroup said.

A third-generation trucker, Stroup, president and CEO of First Class Services, Inc. of Lewisport, Kentucky, took to the road as a teenager and later gained valuable experience transporting commercial jet engines for David Hodgeman’s Southern Pride Trucking Company, Inc., based in San Diego, California.

In 1989 Stroup, parlaying his know-how and from-the-bootstraps-business acumen, started up what has become one of the more highly regarded trucking companies in America. “We transferred David Hodgeman’s customer service principles to the tank industry,” Stroup said.

First Class Services, whose core business is liquid and dry bulk commodities, has an exceptionally committed home office staff and a dedicated group of over-the-road regional and local drivers. According to Stroup’s operating philosophy, we prefer to hire the right people first and grow our company around them.

First Class Services customers know that Stroup’s commitment to his profession — which had its genesis when he was transporting those jet engines from San Diego to Miami — works wonders for them. “Customer satisfaction is the keystone to any successful business,” Stroup said. “When I was driving, the pressure on me was more physical. As an owner, I am more involved with the decision-making process.”

“But I love those day-to-day challenges, and I treasure the testimonial letters and personal words of gratitude we receive from our customers. As I said before, it all boils down to our caliber of service.”

It is hard to imagine any other trucking firm with the experience, capacity, and safety record to match First Class Services’ performance in transporting hazardous materials and other commodities. Delivering our customers’ products safely and on time will always be a priority at First Class Services. It is equally hard to imagine any business caring more for its customers than First Class Services, Inc. Efficient management of its fleet also enables First Class Services to provide outstanding service at very competitive rates.