American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Partnership Program

First Class Services, Inc. is a participating partner in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Partnership program.

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s world-class environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. It’s our commitment to doing more, and doing better.

Responsible Care companies are industry leaders, playing a vital part to ensure that the business of chemistry is safe, secure and sustainable.

First Class Services plans to demonstrate our commitment to this program by adhering to our company Environmental, Safety, Health and Security Policy as well as the Responsible Care Guiding Principles.

Environmental, Safety, Health, and Security Policy

First Class Services, Inc. considers the safety, health, and security of the public, its employees, contractors, customers, and the protection of the environment, to be of the utmost importance in how we conduct our business.

Continual improvement in our Environmental, Safety, Health, and Security performance will be achieved with the commitment of all senior management and all employees of First Class Services. We will:

  • Operate our chemical business in accordance with the American Chemistry Council’s Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®
  • Implement a management system that integrates environmental, safety, health, and security (ESHS) considerations into our daily business practices
  • Establish ESHS goals to drive performance improvements and manage our risks, reviewing these regularly and taking action as needed to achieve our objectives
  • Comply and keep up to date with all applicable ESHS regulations and the obligations of the Responsible Care® program
  • Ensure that our facilities are built, operated, and maintained to protect the safety of our employees, contractors, and the environment
  • Operate our business in as environmentally and socially responsible manner
  • Hold each employee accountable for compliance with this Policy, and provide the training to enable them to work safely and in accordance with our requirements
  • Communicate openly regarding our ESHS programs and objectives to employees and other stakeholders, and seek their input to improve our improve our ESHS performance

First Class Services is proud to participate in the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® initiative.

We pledge to operate our business according to the following Guiding Principles

Chemistry is essential to the products and services that help make our lives safer, healthier and better. Through the Responsible Care initiative and the Responsible Care Global Charter our industry has made a worldwide commitment to improve our environmental, health, safety and security performance. Accordingly, we believe and subscribe to the following principles:

  • To lead our companies in ethical ways that increasingly benefit society, the economy and the environment.
  • To design and develop products that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of or recycled safely.
  • To work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe and secure use, transport and disposal of chemicals and provide hazard and risk information that can be accessed and applied in their operations and products.
  • To design and operate our facilities in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.
  • To instill a culture throughout all levels of our organizations to continually identify, reduce and manage process safety risks.
  • To promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste and conservation of energy and other critical resources at every stage of the life cycle of our products.
  • To cooperate with governments at all levels and organizations in the development of effective and efficient safety, health, environmental and security laws, regulations and standards.
  • To support education and research on the health, safety, environmental effects and security of our products and processes.
  • To communicate product, service and process risks to our stakeholders and listen to and consider their perspectives.
  • To make continual progress towards our goal of no accidents, injuries or harm to human health and the environment from our products and operations and openly report our health, safety, environmental and security performance.
  • To seek continual improvement in our integrated Responsible Care Management System® to address environmental, health, safety and security performance.
  • To promote Responsible Care® by encouraging and assisting others to adhere to these Guiding Principles.